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6 Soccer Finishing Drills for Exceptional Goal Scoring

Setup: Place two full-size on the end line. The goals should be 8-12 yards apart from each other. Position one goalkeeper in each goal. If there are extra goalkeepers, have them rotate in every 3-5 repetitions. Place one cone 25-30 yards away from the goal. Have all the players form a line behind ...

Going to Goal Drill - Soccer Toolbox

In the video clip below Schellas Hyndman, current Men’s Soccer Head Coach at Grand Canyon University, leads the Going to Goal drill as part of his Exercises to Train the Striker demonstration. Coach Hyndman, who has over 30 years of coaching experience, has excelled at both the collegiate (Eastern Illinois, SMU) and professional (FC Dallas) […]

Soccer drill to get players going for goal from kick off

Players one and two stand either side of the ball a little way back, looking at each other. Player three stands behind the ball some way back. Player one says to two, “Louis’ kick”. Player three runs up and kicks the ball as hard as he can at the goal.

13 Soccer Passing Drills For Great Ball Movement

Place a goalkeeper in the goal. All the soccer balls are put on either side of the goal posts with the team starting on defense. Four players from the offense line step into the grid. Three players from the defensive team step just inside the grid and have one ball with them to pass to the offensive team to start the drill.

9 Soccer Defense Drills to Easily Stop Goals - Soccer ...

Instructions: To start the activity, the first player in line passes the ball to the attacker inside the box. The attacker receives the ball with their back to goal while the defender applies pressure on their back. The attacker attempts to turn and score on the defender while staying inside the ...

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Soccer Attacking Drills

Soccer Attacking Drills. Soccer Attacking Drills focus on scoring goals by moving the ball forward to create chances. Since scoring goals is the ultimate task in soccer, we should concentrate on game-like activities to develope attacking abilities.

15 Soccer Drills For Passing And Moving For great attacking ...

15 – 20 yard area. 1 soccer ball per 2 players. 15 cones to create 3 triangles. Instructions: Set up your area and make 5 three-yard equilateral triangles, one in and of the corners and one in the middle. Ask 5 players to stand in the triangle without a ball and 5 players with a soccer ball outside of the triangle.

6 Soccer Possession Drills to Control the Ball

If available, position one goalkeeper in each goal. Gather all the soccer balls and place them outside the playing area. Have the coach stand near the soccer balls to pass a new ball in as needed. Decide on the number of rounds and time limit for each round. At least three rounds of 4-6 minutes are suggested. Instructions: