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Being A Left Handed Volleyball Setter in the Front Row Has ...

A left handed volleyball setter tip the ball faster but she's in a better position to dump the ball over the head of the opposing left front blocker. For a left handed setter, who receives a good pass, the ball will get to your dominant hand first, which means that you can dump the ball faster and disguise it more, making it difficult for the defense to see the tip coming.

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It is common for left-handed players to play as an Opposite Hitter in volleyball. He plays at the net on the right side of the court, and his main role is to block the outside hitter of the opposite team, and also, when appropriate, to block the middle player. The opposite is also responsible for passing and setting, so he needs to have great ball handling skills!

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My take on it is that in a 5-1 offense, the tall left-handed setter is able to attack from the front row by hitting off the two (second) ball. This needs to be properly disguised, which limits the arm swing considerably, but the surprise factor makes up for the relatively weak hit.

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Volleyball Setter Left hand dumps. Deceptive plays taking advantages in the weakness in defensive schemes and improper defensive eyework.

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Yes... but most of the lefty vs righty advantage is for lefty front-row setters in a 5-1 offense... e.g., they can take a full swing with very little warning from their normal setting position... and Cary wasn't in that role very often during her career on The Farm. An observer of the Stanford setting scene in the 1990's told me that Cary was more suited to be a hitter-setter in a 6-2 (where Cary set in the back row and played right-side hitter in the front row... the same role Cass Lichtman ...

The Dump: A Setter’s Biggest Weapon – The Volleyball Lounge

Left-Hand Dump. To do a left-handed dump: Jump with both hands ready, as if you were going to jump set. Once the ball reaches the vertical plane of your left hear, lower your right hand and reach with your left hand to prepare for the contact. Attack the ball when it comes in contact with your left hand by pushing the ball over the net with your arm aggressively.

College Volleyball Recruiting and the Left Handed Player

Either way, being a tall left handed player, tends to limit a PSA's playing opportunity to just the right side (think about geometry of volleyball; it is difficult for left handed players to play left side outside hitter, and seeing a left handed MB is like seeing $1.00 gas). Some college teams could use two left handed players (in the OP position), while others will just use one lefty (in the OP position) - If you do the theoretical recruiting math; some programs will recruit a lefty every ...