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Hindi Movies Game for Kitty Party: मूवीस पह्चानिये

Today I am sharing a funny Hindi movies game for kitty party. We used to play this game in our childhood in the free class periods and today I find it suitable enough for the kitty parties too. Hindi Movies Game For Kitty Party Things Required. Print out of the game sheet shown above; Pens; How To Play. Give one game sheet to every member in ...

Indian Ladies Kitty Party Game in Hindi: सब्जियों के नाम खोजो

Indian Ladies Kitty Party Game In Hindi. This is a one minute party game and we got a minute to win it. The host got the printouts of the game sheet which she distributed among the kitty members and explained us the game. She had written many sentences on a paper in Hindi and the challenge was to search the vegetable’s names in those sentences.

Ladies kitty party game in hindi: Movies Antakshari

Movies Antakshari is an interesting ladies kitty party game in hindi and is suitable kitty party game for all aged ladies.Download free kitty party games.

Top 20 Paper Games For Kitty Party With Answers

A funny paper games for kitty party with answers, It’s basically a funny story of a cook, written In Hindi. . It’s a fill the blanks game written in Hindi, where all the possible answers are written in the bottom, you have to read the paragraph carefully and choose the correct answer for each blank space.

Hindi Game For Kitty Party: Simple yet Interesting

Hindi Game For Kitty Party Make some slips and write some Hindi alphabets on them, like च, ब, ल, ट, म etc. Now call one member from each team and ask her to pick a letter each.

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Kitty Party Game In Hindi-Fill up the blanks-Paper based Game ...

Kitty party game in Hindi-One and half letter game ; Paper based Game-Hindi Word Antakshari ; Indian Republic Day Game-One Minute Ladies Kitty Party Game ; Kitty party one minute game in hindi-Answer with “Sar”

25 Fun Kitty Party Games for Indian Ladies - Indusladies.com

Hand out the blank papers and pens to the ladies and tell them to write out as many movie names possible of a particular duo like Amitabh Bachchan Rekha, Shahrukh Khan Kajol etc in two minutes. This is one of the most fun kitty party games ideas which are easy to play. Winner: Person who has written most movie names. 4. Brand Game

20 Best Indian Kitty Party Games For You to Host and Enjoy in ...

Biscuit Sliding Game. Another easy one-minute kitty party games. This is a good way to treat your friends to some cookies while playing an interesting game. In this game, a person will place a biscuit on their forehead and have to slide to their mouth. The person who eats the cookie first wins. 14. Rapid Fire