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List of Handball Positions Goalkeeper. Left back. Center back. Right back. Left winger. Center forward. Right winger. What is the best position to play in handball? In handball, the center back is usually the most...

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Handball Positions for 7 Players Goalkeeper (Number 1). The goalkeeper is the player with the responsibility of defending the goal. He (or she) can do... Left and Right Back (3 & 6). The left and right backcourt players form a large part of the back line. They would usually... Handball Position ...

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Handball offensive positions are called: Goalkeeper Left Back Center Back or Center Right Back Left Winger Center Forward or Pivot, also knows as Circle Runner Right Winger

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Handball Positions: The Roles Handball Players. Introduction: Handball Positions. Handball Positions are defined by the specific skills of the players, according to their positioning on the court. Handball Center Backcourt. Handball Side Backcourts. Handball Wingers. Handball Pivot.

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Left wing - this attacking player is usually right-handed and covers the left-hand side of the court. In defence, they stand on the far left side touch line and in attack they provide counter ...

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Offense Left and right wingman. These typically are fast players who excel at ball control and wide jumps from the outside of... Left and right backcourt. Goal attempts by these players are typically made by jumping high and shooting over the... Centre backcourt. A player with experience is ...

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The results of our study confirm that groups of handball players occupying different positions differed amongst themselves in terms of many measurements. This is a result of the specific requirements of handball play which are to be met by particular players. The tallest players should thus be oriented to back player positions.

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Continue Reading. Handball positions consist of a goalkeeper, two full backs, two wingers, a circle runner and a center. Here's the lowdown on these handball playing positions. There are 14 players in each team in handball, with seven on the pitch at any one time.